Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

You took it all

This song was created for Game of Bands round 229 : "Minimalism III"


My ride, my watch, my phone
My walls, my house, my home
My chains, my shoes, my clothes
My everything – from the top to the bottom

My Jack, my rum and smokes
My pills, my weed, my coke
My great highs and darkest lows
My everything – all turning rotten

My family, friends and bros
My great loves and random hoes
My dearest ones, held close
My everything – to them misbegotten

My teeth, my hair, my nose
My skin, my blood, my bones
My fingers, knees and toes
My everything – all must be forgotten

My prized possessions
Everything I own
I took it all
You took it all
You took it all

You took what I gave
Took what I gave
I’ll give it away
Give it away

Think my last thoughts
Rip out my heart
Take my last breath
Think my
Rip out
Take it
My thoughts
My heart
My breath

Ssh, I think he’s sleeping
Is it all a dream
He won’t awaken
Now let’s hear him scream

I gave too much away
My smile
My song
My worth
My fight

I slid my hand
Into the pocket of my jeans
And I played with a piece of lint
Rolling it back and forth between my thumb and middle finger
I squeezed and pressed it until it changed shape
Became different but still the sum of all its parts
All of the other tiny pieces of dust and cotton and dirt and thread and flecks of skin
It started as nothing until it possessed everything
And so I rolled it back and forth between my thumb and middle finger
Back and forth
Back and forth
Until it stopped existing
Just the way it should have been all along


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