Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 230 : "Halloween V"



I sit here by myself
and I am all alone
There's someone calling
on the phone
I look down at the number
And it is me

My own voice says "you better beware"
somebody, somewhere is touching my hair
I look into the mirror but my reflection is gone
Something has really gone terribly wrong
somebody, somewhere wails out in depair
It sounds like myself But this cannot be
Somebody I can't see starts laughing with glee
Something is whispering, I think that it's me

I turn around
but no one is there
Fingers once again
running down through my hair

Am I
Losing my mind, I
look in the mirror
a figure appears

It starts to draw nearer
there's a ring in my ears
it's becoming clearer
eyes brimming with tears
An incoming phone call
it's from me!

Now my voice says "it's time to be scared"
Again feel the fingers caressing my hair
I look around quickly but no one is there
Maybe I'm sleeping, is this a nightmare?
My body is tingling, I am hyper aware
The mirror bound figure begins to just stare
It looks like it's me, it's hard to conceive
Give it a pinch - so real I struggle to breathe

I try to run
but my legs, they won't move
no escape from
what must be the truth

I am
somebody else,
the ghoul is myself.


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