Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Same Again But Different (Feat. heffreee)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 231 : "Random Emotions"


Wake up, coffee on
Shower if I’ve got the time
Half a slice of toast and I’m out the door at ten to nine
Train’s late by just a minute
Enough time to stare into the distance

Wake up, Tuesday’s harder
I showered yesterday – whatever
Bread’s gone mouldy, no surprise, scrape it off and head outside
Train’s late by just a minute
Enough time to question my existence

Wake up, rolling over
Not again, you must be joking
Bacon roll, treat myself, not like I care for my health
Fucking train, it’s late again
Enough time to question everything

Wake up, hello Thursday!
God, this is excruciating
Think about a pint tonight – I’ll fill the void with what I like
Stupid train’s on time today
Stupid motherfucking train

Wake up, fuck you Friday
Snoozed alarm, eyes still blurry
Think about calling in sick but what’s the point of staying here?
Missed the train by just a minute
Now there’s too much time to think about

Wake up, wake up
It’s just the same again but different
Spend the weekend drinking, eating, curled up in a ball and weeping
The train still goes but I’m not on it
Yeah the train still goes but I’m not on it

Wake up, back to sleep
Stomach full of half-told dreams
There’s no conclusion, no end complete
I’ll keep consuming everything
Because something’s got to work, okay?


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