Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Surf the Serenity

This song was created for Game of Bands round 231 : "Random Emotions"


Secret cove that I found
Tranquil way to leave ground
Nothing but ocean sounds -
Surf the Serenity.....

A way to live differently
Light reflects brillantly
So I submit to the sea -
Surf the Serenity.....

Leaving shadows for light
Submerged, out of sight
Emerge it feels right -
Surf the Serenity.....

Paddle out and begin
Turn my board, feel the wind
Letting go of what's been -
Surf the Serenity.....

If it all goes as planned
I'll ride right up to the land
And lie back in the sand -
Surf the Serenity.....

Even when I'm not here
I still get my mind clear
No worries, no fears -
Surf the Serenity.....

The foam hurls at me its pearls
As the busy world swirls
This girl rides over the curl -
Surf the Serenity.....

The attraction begins
and satisfaction sets in
no distractions within -
Surf the Serenity....

I get off of my board
Sit down and look at the sky,
This sacred place I've adored -
My friends the seagulls fly by

I don't ever wanna go back
So peaceful here all alone
Don't need to run with the pack
On the beach skipping stones!
On the beach skipping stones!

Rain starts, thunder cracks
So now it's time to head back
Put on the clothes that I packed
Leaving Serenity,,,,

The seagulls say bye with a screech
I head away from the beach
and leave the peace that I've reached -
Farewell Serenity....


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