Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Without you

This song was created for Game of Bands round 231 : "Random Emotions"


- Denial
I don't care what the doctor says
Or what's written on his little chart
He must have made a mistake somewhere
We need to test again from the start
I won't listen to the experts
What the hell do they know anyway
I know in my heart I'm not losing you
No matter what they have to say

I won't acknowledge
What the tests have or haven't shown
I'm not going to live
Without you, on my own

- Anger
Fuck this world and fuck everyone on it
I'll kill all these mother fuckers, let's get demonic
I'm done with being friendly, I'll no longer play nice
I don't want to calm down, I don't want advice
Sick of people trying to tell me shit that's not true
If they're spewing that shit then we're fucking through
I'm not even gonna hear it, as far as I'm concerned they're finished
I'm not fucking living in a world without you in it

I won't stand down
My flight response has flown
I refuse to fucking live
Without you, on my own

- Bargaining
There has to be another way
There has to be a chance
Just tell me what I need to do
I'll do anything you ask
I'll pay any amount that's due
I don't care if I have to starve
I'll pray to a God I don't believe
My flesh is Hers to carve

I won't give up
I'll get a million dollar loan
Don't make me live
Without you, on my own

- Depression
Why bother doing anything
Nothing matters anymore
Why bother doing anything
I'm happy here on the floor
Why bother doing anything
50 voicemails on my phone
Why bother doing anything
Just please leave me alone

I won't be missed
As I fade into the unknown
What's the point in living
Without you, on my own

- Acceptance
[[Perhaps one day you'll find it]]


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