Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

You're Light in the Morning and I'm So Boring

This song was created for Game of Bands round 231 : "Random Emotions"


Like lighting a fire, renewing, inspiring
You feel like summer in the middle of a blizzard that I
Have had to endure, while hoping and praying for better
You're that better

You're warmth that seeps beneath my clothes, into my bones, oh
I've yet to find another hearth that feels so much like home

Like a cloud that's full pouring when it rains
In the middle of the desert
You're a welcomed hurricane,
Come to shake up heaven
And in you I see (I see I see)
A person really worth something to me

Rare as a cold day in July, yet equally refreshing
Breaking the stranglehold of spiraling fever and the dark
Midnight sparkles from the stars you've put in the sky
Enchanted to know you, the eloquence flits from my mind

You're the shiver running up my spine, and this time
I'm caught unsteady, gazing as you make the sun and moon realign

Like the first light gleaming
When the morning follows night
In the middle of the darkness
You're a welcome ray of light
Come to gift the present
And in you I see
A person really worth something to me


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