Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Pariah

This song was created for Game of Bands round 233 : "Lyrics > Vocals > Music"


And ashes littered the ground below
As smoke billowed overhead
The pariah walked out of the fire pit
Everybody thought him dead
He had no time to recuperate
He wouldn't have time to heal
His sacrifice should have changed the world
But were any of those promises real?

A fierce storm thundered overhead
Black clouds blocked out the sun
The pariah was soaked through to the bone
As he waited for death to come

A kindly stranger found him there
Offering honey and milk
This stranger gave him shelter too
And clothed him in cotton and silk

The pariah passed this good deed on
Helping all he found in pain
But the more he looked the more he saw
Of the misery this world contained
He had to make a change somehow
End the systemic greed
Kings and Queens feasted on the fat
Leaving little for those in need

The King feared the change this man could bring
So tricked him with a pact
If the man could survive the roaring pyre
The King would give up all he had
The pariah was silent as he felt the flames
And the crowd left him and the fire
The inferno consumed everything
But it couldn't harm the pariah


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