Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Faraway Heart

This song was created for Game of Bands round 233 : "Lyrics > Vocals > Music"


I wish I left a love note
For you sitting on your desk
But I've never been there
There's no good way to express

I cant just send an email
Or post it on your wall
I try to convey my feelings
To you through video calls

Trapped alone inside my home
Going outside just isn't smart
Maybe I'll write a poem
To my dearest faraway heart.

Our calls are my only highlight
Long days spent on a screen
From dawn until the twilight
I type into my little screen

Someday we can be maskless
And show our true ourselves
How long this lasts, no one can guess
Trade mental for physical health

Zoom's no stand-in for real life
All but you I want to forget
Could I be your love, be your wife
When we have never met

I get overwhelmed when it's too much
The waiting's just so hard
I ache in my soul, long for your touch
Need to be with my faraway heart.

Yet we found each other on the web
Cupid hit us through an app
We heal each other as sickness spreads
Your far location on the map

We're saving up for you to fly here
But it's so hard; money's tight
Lost jobs and stalled careers
Your voice and face - they set me right

I can't wait until I finally see you
In your arms, no longer apart
All the past times will now be new
You're here now, my faraway heart


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