Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Christmas in Florida

This song was created for Game of Bands round 234 : "Triple Dual II: Vocalists"


(Verse 1: Northern Florida)
Christmastime is now upon us, it's our ever yearly promise
Hear Bing Crosby croonin' on the radio
But for all the men and missus, they won't have much white for Christmas
For the summer grass supplants the winter snow

Waiting in the fields so grassy, just outside ol' Tallahassee
Waiting for my baby, layin' in the sun
Playin' cornhole and some horseshoes, grillin' burgers and some more too
For a yuletide grill out great for everyone

Now I'm sittin' with my lady, bein' served biscuits and gravy
Momma cooks us some chicken fried paradise
A warm southern country dinner, while we're blarin' Lynyrd Skynyrd
Don't think anything else could ever suffice

(Verse 2: Central Florida)
Down to Tampa we've been goin', and it really isn't snowin'
But that doesn't mean that we should be in pain
We can spend our Christmas evenin', upon eachother's arms and leanin'
Kissin' in the fog and pourin' Christmas rain

And we'll hold eachother closer, ridin' on a rollercoaster
And we'll carol up and down the orange groves
Enjoy the poinsettia flowers, ridin' up the Citrus Tower
Throwin' coins down in the growin' treasure trove

The foggy lake with light a-closin', almost looks like it was frozen
Dew on spider webs just like a Christmas tree
Feelin' many sorts of whimsy, watchin' fireworks at Disney
Spending Christmas with you in pure harmony


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