Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Apples Apples Delicious (Crunch Crunch)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 234 : "Triple Dual II: Vocalists"


Well hello there Eve
Looking as ravishing as ever
I've come to have a word with you
About how to make your world better
Life is pretty good here
You've got everything you need
But your father kept the best from you
And hid it in his greed
That's not true!!
Are you calling me a liar?
What would I have to gain
I'm sick of all your father's lies
So you're going to listen to what I say
Get away from me!

I don't know who to believe
Yes you do, you just can't admit it
My world is turning upside down
Listen to me child, it won't take a minute

If I'm to believe this serpent hisssss
Then I'm living half a life
I'm giving up my right to choose
To avoid a life of strife
You deserve more
I love my Adam dearly
But he's always followed blindly
He would never betray us
And he wouldn't hear this kindly
Then tell him nothing
So this is Father's Apple Tree
Kept hidden away
The fruit it bears looks as sweet
As any I've had to taste
Even sweeter dear child

Just one bite and you'll be free
Or else live without a voice
With the tree before you, the decision is yours
Then this will be my first choice

[solo by allouttaupvotes]

This knowledge is overwhelming
And now I have to run
Adam needs to learn this too
And now my job is done

Your Father's sure to punish you
I accept any wrath he'll bring
You fell into my trap sweet child
But I don't regret a thing


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