Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

In Death, Disguise or Madness

This song was created for Game of Bands round 234 : "Triple Dual II: Vocalists"


In Death, Disguise or Madness

I'll never forget how you whispered
You'd cradle my hair in your palm, I was held in your arms
We laid together in the dark caves or under the stars

You told me again and again what you liked
We had our youth left, to embrace and to smile
And my reactions towards you are as sweet
As the song that you play on your lyre

Love the sound of your song could lead me anywhere
Your sense of self leaves me defenceless
No matter what you became I would know you

In dark, disguise or madness
You are not to blame for what became of me
I'm the one who chose to don your pauldron

There's no need for you to fight now, no point for you to prove
Just being in your shoes filled me with a pride of loving you

I still know you in death
Even in my disguise,
If only everyone could see you the way that I do
As I did then, I'm sure that you knew
You followed me no matter the folly I'd choose

If our destiny was a choice
I'd have chosen for you

Achilles I've not seen the future,
and yet I worry what will come of you now that I'm lost
Your fame must be worth the life that you pay for it

There's still time to steal from the fates
You and your words, I've forgiven your hubris
Please see sense though things now feel senseless

Don't follow the fated narrative, Aristos Achaion
We swore I'd be the reason for your fame and happiness
Remember the pact of our youth

Achilles, the other half of my soul, I fear that you will be dead soon
And your honor is all that will remain.

I can't put you to rest
With coins in your eyes
I've yet to outgrow the blind greed you so painfully knew
I had it then, but now it's for you
Revenge for your death is all that's left to choose

I can't leave you to rest
Dead in my disguise,
Reality a nightmare that feels too wrong to be true
Can't sleep at night, can't eat without you
I had never before felt what it's like to lose

Patroclus, I have done you the greatest disservice,
I disgraced you while living, you begged for help from me and I said

[Achilles and Patroclus]
“Patroclus, I’ve given enough to them.
I will not give them this, let them die"

I dishonor you by fighting to my death
(Achilles, remember our promise)
Your loss shines a light on my madness
(Achilles, what about your honor?)
I wish that you had let them all die
(Achilles, I beg you to stop this)
You are the best of men, philtatos, most beloved
(Achilles, Aristos Achaion)
Once I put you to rest, there will be nothing of me left
(I am made of memories, of memories of you)
It's not nearly been enough time

The world has no right to my fight,
They have no right to ask me anything when they let you fall
Your loss brought with it my vengeance for death
I'll meet you in Elysium instead
Until then I'll be cherishing what I have left
Your ashes and the memory of when you were mine
Given time,
I only want to be remembered for having been loved by you


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