Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

An Autumn Scene

This song was created for Game of Bands round 234 : "Triple Dual II: Vocalists"


An Autumn Scene

The smell of smoke
We hear the show
Neighbors are out back
Think that we don't know

The gathered leaves
It's time to burn
One season ends
They sound concerned

Wheelbarrow's full
Puts down the rake
His then tells him
She needs a break

Trees growing bare
That time of year
It's getting dark
Right atmosphere

Holding hands as we watch the show
The setting sun, until the fire's done
Glowing, the embers making steam
An autumn scene

Flow thru the air
They don't hit home
I say a prayer

Is this the norm
When that much time
Passes beween
An uphill climb

He asks her why
She shakes her head
The wind picks up
Can't hear what's said

Hands in pockets
As she departs
My forlorn neighbor
His broken heart
Torn in parts

Squeeze my hand so I know you're there
Though they went bust, it won't be us
Knowing, the tenderest of teams
An autumn scene

The evening's cold
He went inside
We'll do the same
Since the fire died

Maybe they'll heal
And seal the cracks
He'll wait for her
If she'll come back
Will she come back


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