Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Origin of Birds

This song was created for Game of Bands round 237 : "Dinosaur"


The Origin of Birds

The memory is stubborn
Familiar motions repeat
Like the chicken in the egg
Still grows claws and teeth

Oh the muscle memory
And the origin of birds
I take flight every evening
Until the dawn does emerge

Gerhard scribbled furiously
His paper almost torn by the pen
His tired eyes seeing only beak
Claw tooth and wing
The image was clear now
The science was all wrong
All fossil evidence mislead us
You could see feathers on the thigh of a baby dove

The truth was inescapable
All the evidence did persist
There'd be no great revelation
No deeply buried missing link

And one day we'll find
The entirety of our lifes
Burnt down to ashes
And cast into the wind

Gerhard stood anxiously
Outside the publishers door
In his hand the manuscript
Sweat stained the decades work
He knocked twice and time began to pause
Every second felt an hour
Every two a day
But eventually the door swung open and he was beckoned in
They looked over his notes searching for any obvious mistakes
Looking at him with disdain an outsider intruding on a sacred place
But gerhards work was impeccable
And his evidence complete
There could be no doubt about his hypothesis
Even with the conclusions it reached
The origin of birds was not
With the great predators of old
But instead they where sisters
At least that's what gerhard told


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