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Ask Me About Dinosaurs

This song was created for Game of Bands round 237 : "Dinosaur"


(Bro, you have to calm down about dinosaurs. This is an intervention. They've been dead for like, what, millions of years? Can't you just go out or play some Nintendo with us?)
Hell no!

Many are obsessed with dinosaurs in preschool
Some don't grow out of it, I'm one of those fools
My favourite species are anywhere they fit
Glasses, pillows, tote bags and ties, you name it
(Hey, have I ever show you my diplodocus teapot, by the way?)

On every forum I'm a woman on a mission
Wrote thousands of posts just to share my passion
Some tried to shut me down, but I'm always ready
Just spent my whole night praising Jurassic Park 3

(Come on, the spinosaurus was pretty badass! And also, it's arguably the best version of Dr Grant...
Wow, ok, I'm getting a little carried away, but you know you can...)

Ask me about dinosaurs, you can't put me on the spot
They're the best creatures this Earth have brought
If only they had the fortune to carry on
They were the kings of a time long gone

I'm that dino nerd, blowing the minds I gather
When they hear my trivia, I see this childlike wonder
You can call me an armchair archeologist,
But there isn't one piece of research I have missed
(They just found a massive fossil under a café in Austria!)

The carnotaurus is the top tier in my heart
It was fast, it had horns and its neck's a work of art
They say he could make the biggest eat the ground
T-rexes wished they had its power pound-by-pound

(I mean, T-rexes are everybody's favourite, but they're not my favourite. You know, like, they were super limited by their size?
Honestly, like, they had these itty-bitty-bitty arms, and they had these massive heads and massive bodies, and, like, they couldn't outrun most of the little dinosaurs.
And like, the carnotaurus weren't very much better because their arms were just as small, but now if you look at the velociraptor, that's something different.
They were small, and super fast, and uh, sharp teeth, but did you know they had feathers?
Also, the pterodactyl actually had fur instead of feathers, so they were kind of like furry and stuff, but like, pterydactyls were amazing.
Do you remember Petrie from The Land Before Time? Now that is a movie that's worth watching, honestly...)

So you can ask me about dinosaurs
You can ask me about dinosaurs

Sorry if I took your time, you must be busy
And you might think my obsession is unhealthy
But it's a human thing, so what about you?
What makes you excited? Is it dinosaurs too?


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