Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

No Absolution

This song was created for Game of Bands round 238 : "Pokémon"


The night the Absol came, I knew my dreams were crushed
They say despair soon follows their tracks and their minds
Tomorrow, the village is gonna be in a rush,
Fearing whatever these monsters planned for our kind.

It just had to be me, the one who couldn’t withstand,
Because all the border’s houses were closed except mine
I waited for my time to travel across the land;
Looks like someone just drew the end of the line.

And it stopped just before me...
Why did it have to stop just before me ?

The others would be safe in their giant cities
They already had badges, friends and rivals
They would keep squabbling for their pocket money
While I’ll struggle even more for my survival.

I stared at the Absol with the emptiest eyes,
Hoping for a lull in this incoming storm.
But I knew it could only witness my demise,
A sad rebel against the strongest of norms

I just hoped the world was ending...
Could this whole damn world be ending ?

The day the Absol left, the clock started to tick :
It’s been days since I’ve warned all of the town.
Couldn’t stand all these looks, I wanted to be quick
To tell neighbours what was about to go down.

Were the winds rising ? Did a beast burst with rage ?
So many traitors and saviours to figure out
As my heart tried to jump out of my ribcage,
I failed to envision a perfect turnabout.

Somehow, I bet on a few things...
Maybe I could save a couple things ?

Or maybe my plans would not be needed;
Didn’t want to dread ripples crashing on the pier.
Maybe, for once, calls should stay unheeded;
Harbingers can't see through Totodile tears.

I shouted “Hey dumb wolf ! Give us your best shot !
We’ll laugh about it, if we don’t, we’ll rebuild.
In both cases, don’t forget you’re getting caught;
You want me disarmed, but I’ll show you I’m thrilled !”

I hoped this Absol heard me...
Maybe he shouldn’t have heard me...

The day the Absol foresaw, gunshots were heard :
An invasion started minutes after midnight.
We were gathered in the plaza without a word
Until they knew we could not start a fight.

As the troops left with a red trail of flames,
I had a thought about the omens and their cries.
I wished so bad for Pokemons to take the blame,
But those soldiers just had this drive in their eyes

Absols can't twist a brain that way...
It's our thing to twist a brain that way...

And the news started to make sense once more
Because I finally asked for the clues I had.
Didn't need a messenger at my door,
Yet I couldn't see our fate turning bad.

Absol, your turn to flee
Too late to forgive me
You were the emissary
I just couldn't be.
Absol, your turn to flee
Too late to forgive me
You were the emissary
I just couldn't be.


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