Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Newfound Hearth

This song was created for Game of Bands round 239 : "Alone in the Wilderness"


Verse 1:

Am I
Where is everyone
I was flying, now I'm down on the ground
Around me
Only rustling trees
No roads, no buildings, this can't be Paris

And the pain, crawling
The hunger, growing
And the lack of warmth
Maybe this path...

Chorus 1:

Have I already been through this clearing?
Through the mountains, my calls are echoing
No responses to the pleas for help I've sung
But cold and pine-scented air filling my lungs

Verse 2:

It's been many nights now
Flowers blooming already
Whole season of sorrow
To wake up safe and steady

Know spots for shrooms and berry
Near them, breathtaking scenery
White peaks, almost inviting me
To never leave...

Chorus 2:

It's by this all too familiar clearing
And thanks to the mountains listening
That I found the inspiration for this song
I'm gonna sing it all spring long



I've seen the milky way
(Maybe I wanna stay)
Breathed this untainted air
(Maybe all this is fair)
Are they sad, are they scared?
(Maybe they just don't care)
It is already May
(They are glad you're away)
When this is all over
(This is never over)
Who will I see in these rivers...?


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