Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Be Next To Mine

This song was created for Game of Bands round 239 : "Alone in the Wilderness"


Don't you call my name
What's done, now is what you’ve done
There's no turning back
Once the bullet has left the gun
I could have made a promise
But it's one, that we'd both regret
Best to bury me now
Instead of laying me to rest

I wasn’t born to this world
I had to make it my own
I carved out every path
Between the blood and the bone
And I carry all these scars
One for each and every time
I trusted someone enough

Let your
heart too close
and be next
to mine

My love is dangerous
I’m a traitor to everyone
Alone in the wilderness
Where I can't even trust myself
If I could live forever
We could always be as one
But my past is dragging
Me 6 feet underground

There's no more returning
To any home that I had
Marked twice and dead man walking
When I crossed and I ran
Was it days or weeks ago?
In the wilderness alone
I could have been a hero
Let your
heart too close
and be next
to mine

BRIDGE 02:15
Foot falls in the distance
No matter what side I’m on
Neither with good reason
to pity what we'll stumble on
Caught between our sides
Running for my life....

You took your knife and used it
It’s a choice of ride or die
I can't trust this confusion
Not my ears or my eyes
Not supposed to be over
Still running for my life
Lost in the fog of lies

Let your
heart too close
and be next
to mine


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