Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Free Hugs For Everyone (Best Law Ever)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 240 : "Shared Lyric"


Pardon this confession
But I must come clean today
I ran for this position
For a single thing to say

I stand for this oration
With gravitas and pathos
To bring my own creation
In a chamber of chaos

A plan to save the nation
I present to this congress
A personal aspiration
That will lead us to progress

It’s a simple vision…

Free hugs for everyone
Let this country embrace us all
Free hugs for everyone
Cause we’re here for the long haul

For this we would commission
Thousands of public servants
Their arms would feel like cushions
They’d be bright and observant

Unemployment and depression
Will drop to unheard lows
We’ll be pioneers of consolation
We could leave all these shadows

And it’s up to this session…


Please don’t laugh at my obstination
I know it’s naive
But what do you plan to achieve ?

I went through a daunting election
To bring this to you
You need it as much as I do

It will never come to fruition
Cause you live by the numbers
Full of moderate ambitions
Cradling you in your slumber

Those No’s are an affliction
But this parliament’s your hideout
So, to stop your ruination
I will hug all your brains out

And we’ll have new elections

Free hugs for everyone
Let this country embrace you all
Free hugs for everyone
And you will hear the people's call


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