Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Smiley Face

This song was created for Game of Bands round 240 : "Shared Lyric"


What am I feeling?
Tell me
What am I feeling?

I sit in my shower and let the water fall
My head feels heavy, I'm feeling small
I draw a picture on the glass, a smiley face,
this feeling is sure to pass, just like the days, this too will pass
I see the fog rising up around me,
the heat is burning my skin
I get up and shut off the water, I can’t let it win

The turmoil of a storm within,
I grasp at straws to keep me afloat,
It comes pouring out but there's no sound,
My screams echo in my throat

I stare at the ceiling as my mind is blank,
I wonder what it is, that for this, I can thank,
A calm and quiet sensation overcomes me,
A feeling of letting go finds me,

I reach my hand out and grasp for the air,
I find myself to no longer care
For I am not bound by the fear
I can strive towards anything here

What am I feeling,
Tell me,
What am I feeling
My knowledge is expanding,
I've come to an understanding
Playing tricks on me like an alliteration
Creation in chamber of chaos in concentration
I have awoken once again
But a thought lingers in my head, for how long?

It’s dragging me down, knowing I will go down
Maybe it’s all a visage, an oasis of my own making
I break up a sweat as I wake from my bed
Anger starts to take hold and I rage against all
Words are pouring out that I do not mean
For I’m afraid to be seen, by you

Don’t look at me while I make a scene
I don’t know what I want you to see
I don’t have control over you, I cower
I will calm down in the shower

What am I feeling,
Tell me,
What am I feeling


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