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Mkbai Felicia

This song was created for Game of Bands round 241 : "Urban Dictionary"


Mkbai Felicia

Synthetic Karen, think she so premiere [Fake bossy woman think she's the best]
Rockin some cory's dope rope screwvenir [Wearing some hot guy's gold chain she took after sleeping with him]
Miss Thang ain't solid, yo she Hillary Duff [she's not all that, she's a poser]
Mkbai (mm kay Bye) Felicia! had enuff of that stuff
Don't byshop to even, kick it with us [Don't try to hang out with us]
Your nomeyness leaves us suspicious {Your niceness is suspect]
So hop off, bounce, go dip [Get out of here]
Mkbai Felicia! I'm not down with this trip (Multi Voice on the "Bye Felicia" part)
Hey Paris Hilton, we're not game to wapoo [we don't want to dance]
Siditty high maka maka, you just ain't that cool [High maintenance {Creole=high maka maka} snooty girl you really aren't]
Tea pot princess flausy ain't no katy [Snooty Girl you are stuck up and not a dream girl we love]
Mkbai Felicia! Bye bye baby

Kthxbai Felicia , she got food in her teeth
With her it's not love, peace or chicken grease [not smooth sailing]
Kthxbai Felicia, you don't p0wn this club [p0wn = own, or run]
Baby powder slap her, but she will not be snubbed [powder leaves an embarrassing slap mark. All else is lteral]

This Sarah Palin, she won't take a hint [Snooty dumb girl who thinks she's smart]
I know, right? mobler's breath ain't like mint [mobler = someone who won't leave]
Nicole Ritchie, no syke unaware (Karen seriously unware )
Such a bronzedigger, she a lemolianaire (failed golddigger and won't leave)

Club bottle huntress, the goose by the lake [Golddigger, golddigger ]
That goom's idiocity, is the one thing not fake [Her stupidity is the only real thing about her]
Fugazi thea, hatin' our other maggs [Fake Friend, talking smack about our other friends]
Mkbai Felicia, deja moo all her brags [her heard her fake BS stories before]

Kthxbai Felicia , fishfacing mama [drama queen]
You don't p0wn this club, stanky prima donna
Kthxbai Felicia, staging she be raees [Karen pretends to be upper class & rich]
Peyton McAdams, pdh'in that please [pdh= public display of hate]
Kthxbai Felicia , gippin ersatz playa [bad fake wannabe]
As soon as she roll out, breathe dat phresh ayer (air)
Kthxbai Felicia, as soon as she leaves
Make sure she don't see ya, spray her seat with Fabreze


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