Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

A Totally Normal English Lesson (feat: Conparky)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 241 : "Urban Dictionary"


Wake up boys and girls, seniors and senioritas
Ya'll can call me Miss Wizzieh, cause I'ma be your teacher
Every sexes, colors, genders, religions or lack thereof
All are welcome in this classroom, I aint short on love

Alright, it's time to get started, we're gonna learn some new words
I'll be here with ya all along, there's no need to be scared

Ok then, time to get started, we begin with:


Wuvidacious is a word that means love, fuzzy and warm
But it's not so simple, not enough to send ya'll home
Your love can't only be directed, at this one little fling
Wuvidacious means you give yourself to everything
No matter species, size, dead, alive, real, or just a concept
You gotta feel it, deal it, heal it, it has gotta be honest

Buddha had to be wuvidacious to be truly enlightened
I love you, but I'm wuvidacious so don't feel so entitled

You thought we're done? Nah, we're not yet through
Let me introduce you to word number two


A floofyboop is when a soft mammal pokes ya'll with their nose
Not a cat, not a dog, they gotta be fluffier than those
Mice, rats, bunnies, hares or porcupines,
squirrels and chinchillas will also do just fine
They got the softest fur you will ever get to feel
Silent but not deadly, your sadness they can heal

The rabbit floofybooped my foot and her love I felt
Ya'll wish you could floofyboop, but being human, you just can't

We thought we knew all the words that we need
But things are not so simple anymore
Language always evolved, but not at this speed
Internet changed the game, like never before

No getting up, stay seated, don't mess with me.
It's time to move on to word number three.


Numfuddling's what happens when you don't know what to eat
Hungry, food's abundant, you don't want savory nor sweet
The fridge may be full but nothing shines in your eyes
You close it and choose nothing but eating nothing's unwise
You figure it's better to just order take out, take care of your woes
But which to order, pizza, tacos, chinese? Damn it, who knows

They seem so numfuddled looking at the menu right now
I never get the numfuddle myself, can't teach ya how

Got one more word for you and I've saved best for last
I aint playing, it's time to have a blast.

Get ready for Wizzieh!

Wizzieh is the one who will rock ya, shock ya, always look fly, she's a peacock, yeah!
She'll make you dance, it's like a trance, you won't even get a chance, so get ready in advance.
You can't beat Wizzieh, she'll make you dizzy, you'll be queasy, just relax and take it easy.
She will always be strong, this party she'll prolong, you know that all along you'll be dancing to her song.
If a Wizzieh you wanna be, don't you hide behind a tree, that aint her cuppa tea and make sure you stay free

I'm Wizzieh and I'm the best thing you've ever seen
Without Wizzieh in the house, the party is a has-been

You just better be sure that ya'll be wise
I aint one to go everywhere spreading lies
If you think any of the things I taught you here is wrong
Go look it up yourself on

conparky back killing these beats (woo!)
game of bands return wait thats your win? well rest in peace (rest in peace)
a normal english lesson thats the key (thats the key?)
educated to take down the bourgeoise (the bourgeoise!)

dropped a song in march (tick tock) the numbers are insane (are insane)
watched the new batman was disappointed theres no bane (talia)
went to LA to see my new school too broke for planes (scooters!)
i hate league of legends but i fucking love arcane

treat me with respect like im the president (parky 2024)
ive always been so special california represent (represent)
people love me like im the perfect resident (resident)
i come out of nowhere the happy accident

We thought we knew all the words that we need
But things are not so simple anymore
Language always evolved, but not at this speed
Internet changed the game, like never before


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