Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

A Ballad to the Lost

This song was created for Game of Bands round 242 : "Last Night on Earth"


Drafted, not by choice, it's his duty
No need for weapons
The smart ones sit in an office
Day in, day out, he felt alone
His friends, far, his parents, home
He asked for help, he begged for help
The angel said keep going
He fell asleep in the bathroom, with his gun

Their love mixed with pain
In haze, a seed was sown
A girl was born to chaos, unplanned
She took her baby and ran
He shouted, begged, to see his child
The door stayed locked
The police came
He was sleeping, swinging
When he wakes, he hopes to see his child again

As their perfect child
Given everything
As an adult
He couldn’t deal alone
He asked for help
But Mom knew better
Her perfect kid
Took his pills
He fell asleep
If only he knew, it's ok to be broken

No honor in death, no glory
It's depressing, gruesome, scary
No romance in death, no logic
It's furious, it’s loud, barbaric
No point in suicide, no gain
It's hurtful, destructive, crippling pain
It’s hurtful, destructive, crippling pain


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