Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Here To Save Your Round

This song was created for Game of Bands round 243 : "Game of Bands Story"


I’m here to save your round
That “Cutlery” theme was tricky to be fair,
You're still stuck at square one
Listen to my voice and you won’t need a prayer

Last hour 'till deadline
But it’s more than enough for an awesome tune
Cause I have a great concept
A screamo-folk song about a tablespoon

I know you could write that,
I’m sure you could sing that
And we don’t have a choice

Just let me do my thing
I’ve got so much to bring
To make listeners rejoice

I’ll be your angel
Your literal angel
I’ll be your angel
Your literal angel

Cause I snatch genius from the jaws of despair
I tear up at LPs when my songs go on air
If you wanted some votes, you just made the right call
I’m a jack of all trades and a master of all

But you don’t feel inspired
Turns out it’s hard to make a love song out of this
And if you can finish
Take the first words that come, you probably can’t miss

It's fine if you give up
(Well,) Vocalist will ad-lib until it starts to make sense
Our competition’s tough
Basically cheating, they had two weeks in advance

Somehow you could write that
Somehow you could sing that
I feel like I paid my dues

I’ve composed you guys a hit
Just take it or leave it
Imagine walking in my shoes

It's been 3 minutes and I'm already done
Game of Band's gone downhill, it used to be fun
But you had to call me and it became a chore
Can't stand the sight of silverware anymore
If this song doesn't turn out to be a smash
Tomorrow I'll throw all my spoons in the thrash
You two can call me assertive if you wish
All I ask is to hear my talent flourish


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