Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Point in the distance

This song was created for Game of Bands round 244 : "Bail or Fail III"


Never made it to the bottom or the top
Never waged war with my words or with my chops
I’m nothing but fair

I can’t figure out if a trend is made to last
Can’t tell the scholars from the idiots thinking fast
I’d rather stand there

And I’ll catch up later

It’s a long road to the top
Where the shortcuts are plenty
I’ve played it safe all the way
And you’re still so close to me
I’m that point in the distance
My complacence makes you smile
But the time it will pay off
You’ll be out for a long while

There were once a racer who watched chaos unfold
Fall after fall, he strolled his way to gold
In Salt-Lake City

You have your legends, so why can’t this one be mine ?
Whatever it takes, I will cross the finish line
And trust destiny

waaeeeeeeeee dooo daaaaaa dee daaaa
waaaeee dooo duhhh da duhhh
doo doo doo duh duh dada
doo deee doo doo duh la la
doo dee doo dee doo da de dee deeleedoo
dum dee da dee de dah!

You know what it takes to fight for the lead
But details, they get trimmed
The story would be grim
Cause there’s one thing you don’t want to misread :
A win that feels alright
Me looking at the lights

I'll end where I want if I can just keep the pace
Cause if I were fast I'll run all over the place
Wouldn't see a door

Why should it be normal to be supposed to stack
Decades of yearning In the middle of the pack
And settle for more ?


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