Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Party in the Classroom

This song was created for Game of Bands round 244 : "Bail or Fail III"


(Featuring vocals by Booprabbit and RIP on guitar)

Miss Wizzieh and crew are back, you ready for a lesson?
I won't be cutting any slack, here comes another session
Guess R.I.P is just too busy, playing with the pulsar
Rest in peace and take it easy, we'll be fine without a guitar
Bob's beats are sick and cookie's rhymes are delicious
I won't be here all week, now's time to be wuvidacious
If we're all set right here, no regret dears, time for a pet volunteer
Now here to give a floofyboop, got ya'll a rabbit in my group

We're all here
(Damn you're all cool)
In this class again
(It's a party not school)
With Wizzieh, have no fear
(Before you notice, all along)
Who knows what we might learn
(You're dancing to this song)
So come together now
(Time to party with me)
Listen to her now
(Dance together with me)
It's our party now
(You wish you'd be me)

Climate changing, global warming, this party won't stop, no matter the warning
I'm dutch, I beat the water, biatch, I'm a water-bender, the avatar, your superstar
Move the water around me, fight the tsunami, the one and only, unbeatable you know me
This party can't stop while I'm present, I can see ya'll are dancing
But I can't help but have this feeling, is there something you're missing?
Put your hands up in the air, screaming, let's go out on this trip
Here it comes, better start jumping, time to let it RIP!

We're all here
(wait, this is wrong)
In this class again
(I can't rap in a song)
With all of us, have no fear
(cookie, stop messing up the track)
Who knows what we might learn
(I want my part back!)
So come together now
(bob, please help me)
Listen to us now
(just set me free)
It's our party now
(no, really, let me be)


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