Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Ticket To the Great Parade

This song was created for Game of Bands round 244 : "Bail or Fail III"


From round 198: 'Nightmares'

"Thanks for coming to my party, drive safe!"

Here I sit, every minute
Crawling slower than the last
Each breath gets colder, I can feel it
Making blurry shadows on the glass

The walkers came to soothe me
But spoke in harsh twisted tongues
Sending down my sanity
Their soothing only stung

Shards of glass stained the road
Spilling out from the crash
Every step time slowed
And burned away to ash

"We pray to the our God this day
For the blessings you provide
But from ashes to ashes
And from dust to dust
So it must be
But keep this king of kings
Beneath thy almighty wings"

Lay down, I can hear you
Stay now, I'll stay near you
We're all here now
You've been brave and so strong

Go on, we all love you,
So strong, I'm so proud of you
It's time to go now
It won't be too long

Now I crawl
Each new day kills the last
Here I'll stay
Round and glossy stones
Lined up neat in rows
One I'll call my own
Once it's time to go

Where are you my only one
I'm cold and I'm alone
What else could I have done
I can't go on
on my own

And soon you'll join the great parade
But I really need you here
I wish it was different
I wish you'd stayed
But death has called, my dear

A special thank you to;
Salomé, Chex, PartyeeFee, Cookiegolem
for their generous contributions to this song


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