Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Steal my tears

This song was created for Game of Bands round 245 : "Eurovision"


Tired to see my soul put to the test
I’m taking it to the streets
No store left to close, you call it unrest
Cause you can’t survive without cheats

You put me in shackles
And you said I’ll be fine
Don’t claim to be thoughtful
If you’re taking what’s mine

My love in on strike right under your window
I’m not letting anything go

Steal my tears
Play with my fears
You made them worthless anyway
Now watch my humanity in dismay

Steal my tears (x ???)
Will I get home before the sky turns red ?
Will my hopes give up if I look ahead ?

I came across your faceless mobs
Behind their menacing shields
Speaking a French only fit for your job
Weapons and hatred concealed
As I marched peacefully
They charged at me
And stole my tears
Stole my tears


When it’s over I will get my tears back
For now Paris feels under attack
Don’t want to live to the beat of this dread
J’ai besoin d’aide

Steal my tears
Play with my fears


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