Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Unacquired Taste

This song was created for Game of Bands round 246 : "Evil"


Swept by some sleepless clarity
You’re back in the shoes of a bully
Picking one-sided brawls

School’s been over for a long time
You strolled all the way through the climb
While others still crawl

From a clean little life
Made of old dirty games
Can’t meet them halfway

Twenty years have passed
They remember your name
And they’re still marked prey

Now that you know you ran away
It’s too late to serve a sentence
Or a backstory
Thin like their hope for vengeance

How many butterflies did you crush with your hands ?
How many lives swayed inches closer to the end ?

You forgot those times of success
The ones who could stop you were clueless
What was not to love ?

Every corner was your domain
You hated cheap clothes and big brains
And you felt miles above

Your white picked fences
Stand in a blood-soaked soil
But the place’s still nice
And you have a family to spoil

How many hopes did you waste for a day’s respect ?
How many forgotten words still have an effect ?

And if you don’t remember their veil of demise
Each night, you can find it deep in your daughter’s eyes

The rules never changed
The weapons just got massive
You wish it was fine
To be anything but combative
It’s a quick, easy path
From a lunchbox to a whole soul
When your child cries to you
Don’t tell her it was your role


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