Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 246 : "Evil"


So you don't want to believe?
Then I'll make you believe

Believer? BELIEVER.

I am god, father of man
you are flawed, but I have the plan

Dissolving all your fears, I will dominate your mind
Be sorry for the tears, you're the supplicating kind
I'll shower you with love, until I know that your are trained
My power from above, will flow all through your brain.

Worship me, I'm all that is
Certainty will bring you bliss

You are blessed.
Trust me.

Believer! pray to me
Your god, tis of thee
Believer! I'll save your soul
I'll make you whole

Live with us, enjoy our food
Live with us, and join our brood
Share with us your deepest needs
Share with us the sweetest dreams

Accept me.
Believe in me.

Now it all begins, live for me your only goal
Absolving all your sins, I forgive your holy soul
Now we are your family, you need nobody else
Let go of your sanity, and you will find yourself

Others can't see what I see
I demand complicity

Believer! Worship me
I am Divinity
Believer! I'm all you need
Through me, you're free

Live with us, you will believe
Live with us, never want to leave
Share with us your deepest wants
Share with us, call and response
Be one of us, nirvana's here
Be one of us and disappear
Come with us, for Eden awaits
Come with us through heaven's gate

Come with us, for Eden awaits
Come with us through heaven's gate



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