Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Friends Forever

This song was created for Game of Bands round 246 : "Evil"


The table’s set, candles are lit
This will be the best birthday I’ve had in years
So many friends will soon arrive
I’ll be waiting when you come inside

You are all coming to my party

All gifts are graciously received
It’s so much fun, you’ll never leave
My every wish will soon come true
Oh look – there is a place for you!

You are all coming to my party

Make friends, make friends
Never, ever break friends
Best buds, that’s us
I’ll love you so much til it hurts

Hold your breath and count to ten
Time for you to hide again
Best pals will always find each other
And when I’m done I’ll seek another

(Make friends, make friends
Never ever break friends
If you do I’ll poison you
And that will be the end of you)

Pass the parcel, peel back the layers
What secrets are hidden under there?
Come on, don’t cry, it’s my special day
There’s one more game we have to play

My whole life long I have been waiting
Knowing that deep down we all want the same thing
A bff who’s mine to keep
Now rest your head, and go to sleep

You are all coming to my party
(Look into my eyes)
You are all coming to my party
(Can you see my dreams?)


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