Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Creature in a Cosmos of Chaos (Ft. dr1mba)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 246 : "Evil"


(Guitar courtesy of dr1mba)

Transmission to mission control
All systems looking good
Continuing our quest
Into uncharted worlds

Looking out with wonder at the stars
in all their numbers and I…
Dear God, what the hell is that?

Long have I slumbered
Biding my time

With a primeval scream
Eyes in the thousands gleam
An open maw with jagged teeth
Its shadow tendrils thrash beneath

Long have I slumbered
Biding my time
Long have I hungered
You will be mine

Enraptured by the cosmic form
That breaks the mind to gaze
Thoughts fail to comprehend
That impossible shape
Compelled to kneel in praise

As we sail through the cosmos
I hear a crash from our docking bay
1000 tendrils wrapped around us
In desperation I boldly pray

Praise be
To thee

The monster seems unappeased
And tears apart our starboard wing
I board the last escape pod
Metal bend, ears start to ring

Did any make it out alive?
There’s no hope left for those aboard
Just enough fuel to make it to the next star system,
If I can make it through the Sonoran Asteroid Field…

Lost within the cosmic void
Marooned among the asteroids
It’s hard to maintain any hope
My fuel tank is running low

The creature's form still haunts my mind
Jagged teeth, thousands of eyes
As everything goes dark…


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