Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Baked Artisanal Goods Usurp Evil Tough Time Emperor

This song was created for Game of Bands round 248 : "Odd Times And No Rhymes VI"


What are you doing?!
Get away from it!
It's mine!

You know that my baguette is the biggest of all
No, it's mine, what are you talking about?
Shh, it's not your turn just yet, I'm talking
But it's my baguette too, ya know
Not until it's your turn it isn't

If you want to touch my baguette, you should beg real nice
I might let you eat a bit, but don't bite no you idiot why would
Of course it's better when I'm in control to play with the baguette
Maybe me, not you, yes them, worry not there's enough for all

One mind, one body, one baguette, we share
One baguette, one body, one mind
It's so hard, what why are you looking at me, us like that? No not the baguette you moron the sharing is hard!
Well maybe also.....
where were where whe were was we? I?


My baguette
No, mine
Get off I own it
Yes, yes, it is
My baguette, big and hard

I don't need your croissant
We have no use for your buns
Go away with that wha, wha, what the cupcake?!
This makes no sense, give space to my baguette!

You wish you had it, I know you want, this is what you
I guard it I save from all of you, you cannot touch
If you want, if dare, give the code my password
You don't know it cause it's mine and you can't have what I own oh yes

It can take you places you can't dream of
Break the walls you only hoped, dread, dreamed yes
But cause it's mine no, it's not yours, you cannot but want, wish, beg, think
No the thinking is wrong we must not do, cannot let them steal don't
It's my baguette and none elses, get outta my brain

This baguette holds all the power, superheroes are not needed
It's the sword, spear, gun, lightsaber, deathray, I'm unbeatable
Can't mess with me, can't mess, not, no me, who? Yes! Cannot deal with us no who?
Nothing can ever beat the power that is my baguette and you are same as rest

I'll wrap you up in the baguette and no one will ever be able to hurt you
I'll shove my baguette so deep in your throat you will never need to eat again
I'll slap you with this baguette so loud that it will wake Azathoth from their sleep
I'll put this baguette so deep in you whoever can get it out will be crowned king Arthur


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