Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Tantalean Punishment in 895/8

This song was created for Game of Bands round 248 : "Odd Times And No Rhymes VI"


I sit at my father's table
Learning secrets of the Gods
I take them back to my people
And bring them nectar and ambrosia
They will never see my transgressions
My charm will always leave them blind
All the Gods are nothing but fools
I will show them all how stupid they are

Sit and rest dear father
Sup upon this feast
I offer up this sacrifice
Your own flesh and blood

I laugh at my father's fury
The sacrifice was in his name
Bridges burnt that can't be mended
So I am sent to Tartarus
They leave me submerged in water
Which I will never get to drink
Succulent fruit hangs above me
But a cruel wind keeps it out my reach

Here I rot dear father
Denied of this feast
You leave me as a sacrifice
Your own flesh and blood

The thirst never ends
The hunger eternal
The thirst never ends
The hunger eternal

[[Special thanks to perfect_fifth_note for beating the shit out a drum kit like it owed him money for this track]]


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