Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Woops !

This song was created for Game of Bands round 249 : "Naughty"


I sneaked into your place the other day
I stole your PS5 and your Chardonnay
And your favourite mug
Is now my ashtray

I tore off the last page of the novel you’re reading
Your table’s wobbly cause I did some tweaking
I called the caterer
He’s off your wedding

Should have paid me back
(Woops !)
You keep forgetting
Well I won’t cut you any slack
That money was mine
(Woops !)
Even if it was
Only 9 dollars 99

It’s a matter of respect
Now you see the dots connect

Your favourite snacks have been gone from the store
Cause the whole stock has been filling my drawers
You reap what you saw
Now you're losing the war

I've put glue in your bath and Legos in your shoes
And I've spammed your Yelp page with horrible reviews
I've let you plenty of time
But you didn't catch my cues

Your reaction to this has been less than subpar
It's just a couple drinks I've paid you in this bar
Just give me the bucks, man,
I've been patient so far

All I gotta say is...
Woops !


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