Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Harmless Advances

This song was created for Game of Bands round 249 : "Naughty"


Do I make you nervous?
Are you intimidated by my charm?
Keep warmth in like a thermos,
Reciprocation isn't lukewarm,
Do you get jealous?
That I won't soothe the place that's tended my your arm?

Well if only you were bolder,
And could ignite a smoulder,
You could hold me in your arms,
But your initiative does no harm

Is that tool for multipurpose?
Would you prefer a hammer, drill or screw?
We could burn up like a furnace
Me melting into you
Does that thought give you purpose?
Release from feeling blue,

If only you were nicer,
And a little bit wiser,
You could hold me in your arms,
But your initiative does no harm,

You never communicate well,
That's what leaves your heart scarred,
Are you even thinking with the right head?
Or is it that hard?

Did you listen?
To everything I said?
Now you have thoughts,
You want to embed
And your conclusion?
You want me to crescendo in your bed?

Since you ask so nicely,
I'll tell you precisely,
How to hold me in your arms,
Since your initiative did no harm


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