Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

I will give in

This song was created for Game of Bands round 249 : "Naughty"


I see you looking at me
following me along

Your eyes fixated on me
for a second too long

I saw you walk in
And I held my breath

If I follow my desire,
Will it be my death?

I know all they say
You are not good for me

You play around with all
You and me could never be

But you stand close to me
And I feel like I'm going crazy

Your hand below my waist
All reason is erased

You whisper in my ear
"You wanna leave this place?"

You know what I wanna hear
I feel my heart race

I will give in
I will give in
I will give in
I will give in
Give in to it all

We kiss in the doorway
No room for taking it slow
Your lips trace my body
I feel my desire grow

My shirt comes undone
Your vest is on the floor
Your fingers linger
We both want more

Your hand touching me
A sudden shiver, anticipation
I try to hold back but,
I want the whole sensation

You stop and tease
I follow you to the bed
You push me down
You make me go mad

One hard thrust and you're done
What the fuck that was no fun
I leave the room I'm not satisfied
And I wonder if I'll find

Some satisfaction
I want some satisfaction
Give me satisfaction


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