Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

We are the Plebs

This song was created for Game of Bands round 250 : "Mods vs. Everyone"


How long is it a hobby before it's a lifestyle?/
Doing all this work just for virtual smiles/
how long will you separate yourself from the masses?/
Ruling and deciding for the lower classes/
Ten years and still disfunctional
Ten years (but at least we're now punctual)
It's finally time we all unite forces
I'll grab the pitchforks, (I'll get the torches)

Watch out now, hear what we say
We're swinging a giant hammer your way
Using these sounds to knock down walls
Coming for you, gonna watch you fall
So raise your fist to the sky, and scream the words of our song
We're the proles on parade, and together we're strong
With our mics and our pens, and guitars on our backs
We sing the song of the plebs, and we're on the right track

Write our path, dunno where it led
Open your eyes, get outta your head
Ready. Set.
Go the highest you can, jump to our arms.
We're family, you won't be harmed
250 rounds down, but we're never gonna stop
Watch the clock as the hands go tick tock tick tock
BOOM and another round of bangers hit the internet
The Plebs show the world what they've got
Think you can divide us and split us into teams
We are all together, we are the dream
Hear us roar and scream this track is extreme
This music is art and this art is supreme
So now we rise up in turquoise skies
Alight with our fire inside, eyes open wide
Facing down the final boss, the first-class warriors
Fear not the Goliath for the many won’t fall

Alone I feel like a used kazoo
But together we're a sax, shiny and new
Grooving like a drummer with brand new sticks
And jumpin' around like vibraphone licks
Stronger than the steel strings on a guitar
And our cello bows glow like a new born star
United orchestra
Our song bursts to life!

You mods can form your super team
But we are the plebs, so hear us scream
We march on, no matter the theme
We are the plebs, we are the dream

Thank you each and every one of you for going on this journey with me, for taking a naive idiot's silly idea and letting it become a reality. Special thanks to Wizzieh and Bob for being a big part of organizing this and extra special thanks to Bob again for mixing this beast!
Each and every pleb on this track left a part of their soul on it, no part is small, everyone gave what they could and each and every one of you is a hero, don't you ever dare to think of yourselves as anything else, you're all amazing and I am humbled to be a part of this magical art.
~Your naive idiot.

THE PLEBS (in random order):

Lyveriana (what's a throat infection anyway?)
jestbubbles (won't wake up for less than 10 syllables per second)
RipinPeaceMyLastAcnt ("...wondering how many fuzz pedals I can have on at once")
allouttaupvotes ("who must sing on the choir? EVERYONE")
disbeliever88 (nothing generic in what you do)
DavidJohnOfficial (are 76 layers enough?)
Majestic_Leek_4706 (the double agent)
GarfieldShapedHotTub (breaking every kazoo in sight)
I_Am_A_Bowling_Golem (cause golems come in pairs)
ok-incident1772 (just wake up the neighbors who cares)
BWFBob (the hero, the legend, the producer)
Digital_Failure ("It doesn't take much to confuse me")
switterbeet_ ("Oh wowwww we’re really movin")
kaysirrah (newborn GOBlin)
sangtr2506 ("am I allowed to react with fire emoji now?")
BoopRabbit ("an I have my husband back?")
Good_dean ("eat all the mods, establish socialist utopia")
magikker ("eat the mods, I hear they taste like cake")
Leussoin ("as long as it's a duck and not a dick... one letter that changes and the world implodes")
CookieGolem (naive idiot)
all_aflunters (you were correct about the amount of chaos)
heffreeee (one person orchestra)
ProfessorLoopin ("hol up are y’all pronouncing plebs like plebbs as opposed to pleebs?")
m_w_music ("drench it in reverb, reverse and we'll call it FX")
Garrett_Cartoonist (there's a smexy sax solo, so please don't break the wall)
JMFauce94 (having to set up the drumkit yet again)
Wizzieh (Honkadonkabadonkachonk is her word)
rinidaboss (asfbjasbfkjabs, she's a genius)
kilazur (throat fucked, my ass)
SSO_Ghantu (no bourbon? No guitar solo)
SpohieAuz (still waiting for the kazoo solo)
phyllicanderer ("death to authority, comrades")

One final tiny thing, a message to our lovely hardworking and dedicated mod team:
Quoting mr. Perfect_Fifth_Note: "Make a song that you think will be better than the song the mods make. You have an extra week because we, in our wisdom and grace, have decided to give you all an extra week to come up with something truly spectacular."

To this we answer:
Are you not entertained?!


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