Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Mods vs. Everyone

This song was created for Game of Bands round 250 : "Mods vs. Everyone"


Mod abuse
Fast and loose
Round and round like a hangman's noose

Where's the proof?
What's the use?
Green names need not a damn excuse

Like faded diamonds
And melting ice
Blurred horizons
It's a fool's paradise

Us mods, we gaze down
At you mortal hordes
We're gods, we have been crowned
The GOB overlords

We watch with wisdom
As players spar
It's a feudal system
That will leave you scarred

Aspire (and get shot down)
High flyers (are brought to ground)
Requires (a full lockdown)
Deniers (will miss a round)

Discussing amongst us,
Never-ending we steer, from conflict to detente
We ask you to trust us,
Pretending to hear, then doing just what we want
Appealing for justice,
Condescending sneers, which proves us nonchalant
Replying with brusqueness,
Offending overseers, undiplomatic, overtly blunt

No endorsement
of illegal posts
Rule enforcement
Discipline imposed

With dreams of greatness
We lure you in
Promotions shameless
And team ruin

The discord dwellers
Can't bear the truth
The council elders
Do not approve

Disorder (will be replaced)
Record her (in every grace)
Impartial (by martial law)
Don't harsh us or she'll end you all

Submitting amongst us
Never-ending we fear the fey debutante
We ask you to trust us
Defending you here, but we put up a front
Upholding her justice
Condescending veneer; this isn't what we want
We're dying to tell you


The code is changing
Eefee: (Make it right)
The reddit's obsolete
Eefee: (New site)
The angel list is empty, Wizzieh's busking on the street

Garrett's gone away, good_dean can collude no more
Eefee: (Bad deal)
Chex and rini tried to hide, but she kicked 'em out the door
Eefee: (Poor, poor..)

(Hefreeee sax feature starts)
Jeff! Run! She's deleting everyone!
[Strangled saxophone noise]
Jeff! Noooo! Je-he-heeeeff!!
Eefee: (Feature complete)

Destruction (is raining down)
Resisters (have gone to ground)
Production (is in shutdown)
Good luck, Jeff (you're an angel now)

Eef's turning against us
She was keeping us near to obfuscate the plot
We beg your forgiveness
We should've been clear with you right from the start
According to gobot
Keeping up cheer keeps your head off the block
Goodbye to the modless
Attend her right and you might get a team slot

(Don't show up for 251)


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