Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Real Foe/Totally a secret agent song Feat. REDACTED

This song was created for Game of Bands round 252 : "Secret Agent"



When will the heartbreak end?
Find the peace our souls demand?
?כמה רחוק נרוץ [How far will we run?]
?עד שנמצא את השקט הנחוץ [Until we find the much needed quiet?]

It's time to stop running away
Fight for love without a delay
Nuestro mundo se cae a mis pies [Our world falls at my feet]
¿Dónde vamos a parar esta vez? [Where are we going this time?]

הבהמה באה להבעיר [The beast comes to set on fire]
Nuestras almas al morir [Our souls when we die]
אסור לנו שלא [We are not allowed not]
A pararnos y a enfrentarlo [To stand and face it]

Peace, שלום, Paz, can this be us?
Love, אהבה, Amor, could we have more?
War, מלחמה, Guerra, it ends yet another era
Hate, שנאה, Odio, is the real foe

We are always chased by the beast
more of us die, and it feasts

?"מה קרה ל"אהבת לרעך כמוך [What happend to "love your neighbor as yourself"?]
עוד דם זורם, עוד אמא בוכה [More blood flows, another mother cries]

¿Ya no habrá una vuelta atrás? [Will there be no turning back?]
No terminará jamás [It will never end]

This can't go on, it isn't right
The bloodshed must end tonight

War, מלחמה, Guerra, must not end another era
Hate, שנאה, Odio, are we the real foe?
Peace, שלום, Paz, this must be us!
Love, אהבה, Amor, it's time for more!

God stopped looking long ago
It's up to us to end his wars
We're all just human
We all want to live
We can stop taking
We can learn to give


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