Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 252 : "Secret Agent"


*Gentlemen, we havent got time, so I'm gonna be brief.
It is imperitive we infiltrate the G.O.B Listening Party.
Any other information will be in this file and you can read it
during your flight.
Alright Cookie, that's your chopper. You're up first.
Go gettem son. Good luck*

I don't give no slack (no way)
I take names like a quarter back
I'm in centre field
In the flesh , living Life hack

Unlike any other (unique)
I could be your boss,
Hell I could be your brother

Behind the shadows (can't see me)
Is where I lurk,
This message will self destruct (boom boom)
No paperwork

John Cena POW POW
You can't see me now
I'll slip right in without a sound

*Alright Tibs, you next.
Off you go. You got this.*

Taking out the rubbish
The who's who of the zoo
You will be dead gutted
when I'm through with you

So stock up, lock up,
double up you padlocks.
Don't bova me
cause I will never cock up.

Empty, gutted,
Il leave the scene starks'
Be driving your car
while you behind bars.

Don't fret bruv
You haven't lost the plot
I'm just that fly
secret agent on the job.

*Well done men!
They didnt see us comen.
Good Job!*


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