Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 255 : "Halloween VI"


One crisp and oddly foggy evening
I found myself asleep and dreaming
The chocolate cold in the mug beside the hearth

The wind outside was hideous
As I lay there, oblivious
And on the rooftop, a chuckle full of mirth

And there came a tapping
A soft and careful tapping
An oh-so-gentle tapping at the window
As the snow began to fall

And as I lay there napping
I didn't hear the tapping
I wish I'd heard the tapping at the window
Or the scratching at the walls

The evening faded into night
No stars above, no pale moonlight
Just more insistent tapping at the frame

And as the clock struck twelve, I stirred
Awoken by something I heard
A too-familiar voice calling my name

And there came a tapping
A not-so-gentle tapping
A shrieking, awful tapping at the window
And the tearing at the walls

And on that foggy evening
I couldn't hear my screaming
I only heard the scratching and the tapping
Through the padding on my walls


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