Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 255 : "Halloween VI"


So you’re afraid of a black cat
A cackling witch is heard
00:23 The flapping wings of a black bat
A shriek of a ghostly word

A chilling feeling in the darkness
Trickles down your spine
00:37 An ancient vampire marching heartless
No one knows the bloodline

It's Concealed

His house is haunted by the graveyard
Shadows of things not man
Suspect deaths that are nights apart
All part of his undead plan

It's Concealed

Wicked suspicions, october night
He prays to an evil shrine
Casting dark spells by candlelight
No one sees through his disguise

This afterlife, his fangs are sharp
Sunlight needs to be shunned
Trick or treaters torn apart
His blood lusts for the hunt

Masked wanderers disappear,
Hallow's Eve reminds
A search for bodies fails and founders
no one will ever find

They're Concealed


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