Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

One Life's Little Time

This song was created for Game of Bands round 255 : "Halloween VI"


Don't let us be found
Quiet as a prayer
Quiet as a dream

Lie still
Wee little pill
Be calm
Rolled up in song

Fall deep
Suffer to sleep
Drink your fill of every dream

Hear now
Pittering down
Those first drops of silver from tittering clouds

After all endings
Sweet is beginning again

Lie still
My little pill
Foster no shadows on lily-clad hills

In and out
As silent as heaven is
As in a dream where sound is a fiction

Hear now
Tumbledown sky
Storm is illusion when drifted and dry

"Goodbye", say I, to wickeder winds
And sweetly we will begin again

Open your eyes now, take it all in
A size in between small and infinite
No need to exhaust yourself crying for life
You've rested enough for one life's little time

Open the door now, let it in
A sign from the end to begin again
No more can the storm abate than I can cry
I've kept you asleep for one life's… little time


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