Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Dirt Warrior

This song was created for Game of Bands round 256 : "GoB Live"


Dirt Warrior

Shot a man in a duel
When we were leaving the camps
Scavaging for food and fuel
To power our amps
Wandering through wickedness
It’s hot and it’s slow
Protecting all our instruments
For the big concert show

Yeah I’m a dirt warrior
I fight in the sand
Kicking ass and showing you a rock ‘n’ roll band
Piss into the wind, but I’m always the man
Your body in the quarry, yeah
I’m a dirt warrior

Burns a hole in my soul
The scorch of the sun
UV ozone holes
Dust storms to outrun
Food is the gold
and guns buy your home
Newly paroled
I'm bleached to the bone

Yeah I’m a dirt warrior
and I'm in demand
Blasting caps, mind blowing rock ‘n’ roll band
Speak up boy, I don't understand
Living for glory, yeah
I’m a dirt warrior

Dead are the birds
and dust in your lungs
is it the End of the world?
no man we've only begun
step on the pedal
we're due up on stage
cranking the metal
yeah killswitch engage

Yeah I’m a dirt warrior
and I am god damned
Upper cutting mother f*cking rock ‘n’ roll band
the earth is ruined?
no it's just what I planned
my desert world story, yeah
I’m a dirt warrior


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