Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Once Again into Oblivion

This song was created for Game of Bands round 257 : "70s Music"


There’s a space between here and there and everywhere
And I’m not scared of where it takes me.
Give me solace, give me peace, give me a little release from the world
From your rivers of pearls and isolation
From any sense of destination.
Let me wander the blue skies and ride the clouds
Figure out how to make a living now
Before I bow out of the conversation.

Gliding, slip sliding into oblivion
Here I am once again, I can’t stop giving in
No truths, no lies, no hazy lines to fill me in
Here I go once again, I just can’t stop giving in
I just can't stop giving in

[1770s interlude]

There’s no following a path that’s never made
There’s no sunlight where there’s never shade

Nothing, nowhere fills the void of cold misunderstanding
And I’m much too old to stay embroiled in where I have been standing.
Close my eyes and take a breath, the weft of air between my lungs
I’m stung with tears of admiration.
No more halting hesitation
For what emerges from the rain
Small, cold needles of pain
And the death of consolation.

Gliding, slip sliding into oblivion


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