Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 257 : "70s Music"


All your charisma
Glamor and charm
Never haaaaaarmed me more
Than I asked for

Some of the appeal,
Oh such a lure,
Wasn’t suuuuuurrreee , I was daunted
So much more than I wanted

You’re pizzazz, I’m in Hollywood
Your vibe has, made melancholy good
60’s jaazzzzzzzz, a decade later
Razzmaazz, ask the waiter
For another drink....

The magnetism
Seductively sweet
When we meeeeeeet in the dark
A remarkable start

Thinking of you
Brings a zest to my world
So adooooredly groovy
Won't you star in my movie

You’re pizzazz, I'm the featuring act
As much as it's fantasy, it could be a fact
the 70’s pass, with all its greatness
Razzmatazz, ask the waitress
For another drink...

The electricity
tantalizing steam
Sneak a peeeeeeeeek at the dusk
Freaky deaky spark to combust

Sizzling chemistry
south of the hemisphere
Spacing ooooooouuuuut in the haze
I'm drawn out by your blaze

You’re pizzazz, and I am your star
Known as high and dry at the bar
And whereas, 70's fervor
Razzmatazz, ask the server

For another drink
We are interlinked
and we slink, round the byway
One more kink, down the highway


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