Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Lovers Tarot

This song was created for Game of Bands round 259 : "Random Random"


The Lovers Tarot

Picking a partner
Choosing the course
The deck, it has shown me
Both joy and remorse

Paths to pleasure
or spiritual growth?
So ask why do you love
before taking an oath


Lovers, Others,
Who can you be with?
Lovers, Smothered,
Is this the one, and is this your wish?


Wanting perfect alignment
Selecting carrot or stick
Boring excitement?
Lovers Tarot - it tricks
Avoid the reversal
Don’t go it alone
Get over yourself
Before your chances are blown

Why are you with them?
You must ask of yourself
Do you feel connected
Is this good for your health?

Admit your struggles
when finding a mate
passion; persistence
rewards those who wait

Lovers, Others,
Can you be with them?
Lovers, Discovered,
Living in heaven, or are you condemned?

Want a perfect arrangement
Choose to be with or not
A lulling enchantment?
Lovers Tarot - it's fraught
with a gamble of chance
Be a marriage of one
or be two enhanced
or be one undone


Consider your options
and make the best choice
If you're having strong doubts
Then give them a voice
Like the Garden of Eden
and Adam and Eve
Could go great or badly
But you must believe

Lovers, Others,
Can you coexist?
Lovers, Recovered
The things in your life, that you may have missed


Make a total commitment
or only go halfway in
Just make a decision
Lovers Tarot - it begins
with a gamble of chance
if it all turns out well
Live a life in real heaven,
or suffer a bad one in hell

- The Lovers


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