Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Nuts and Bolts of Life

This song was created for Game of Bands round 48 : "Very Very Shallow Indie Song"


Take one day,
can you see the sky,
I wish that I could learn to fly

There are so many things
That i know can not do
Not everything in this life is always that bad for you
I just can?t fill this void,
theres nothing left to avoid,
But thats not the purpose of this song, so just try to sing along

I need an eppi pen
A shot of adrenaline
I cant eat peantus or ill die
The nuttiest of replies
My throat needs to re-open
This is not just some empty token
Drugs are all that can save me now,
Call a doctor you silly cow?

A blessing is what I need,
But that chance is starting to recede
I feel the light getting dim, a last chance of oxygen
My love for snickers is absurd
Theres? nuts in them, case you hadn?t heard
Why not read the recipe, For such a deadly allergy
Why is life just so fickle
When it?s ended by some brittle
Now it?s time for curtain call, the last dance before the fall.

Some day if I ever see the sun
A ladies love to fight for, must be won
But still I have the closing thought
Chocolate feelings can be bought
Wrap the nuts up in a bar,
Babe Ruth is still a star
Recces Pieces, M and M?s
Peanut heaven, here it ends?.
Here it ends
Here it ends
(Here it ends)
(Here it ends)



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