Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 49 : "Anger"


Something?s Boiling

In the kitchen
Something?s boiling
I can feel it
Something on the bubble, baby

I can sense your
Blood is boiling
You don?t bring me
Anything but trouble, baby

Happy home
Collapsed around us
Here we are then
Crawling through the rubble, baby

Take your anger
I don?t need it
I?ll be leaving
Marching on the double, again

You were so devoted to me under all your lies
Now your eyes just stare right through me
And the passion dies
Thanks for all the love you gave me
Now it?s time to leave you baby

Something?s boiling
I can feel it in my soul

All this anger
What?s the problem?
It?s a minefield
No place to be walking, baby
Is it your fault?
Is it my fault?
No agreement
What?s the use of talking, baby?
Words can never
Calm these waters
Raw emotions
Rising to the surface, baby
In the kitchen
Lots of sharp things
Put that knife down
Making me quite nervous, baby

You were so devoted to me under all the lies
I feel the anger raging through me
You dare criticize
That?s all right, babe, have it your way
I?ll just back out through this doorway

Something?s boiling
I can feel it in my soul

Oh you take the whole world away from me
And I don't want to let it go
Don't try to take the anger away from me
Don't tell me I don't know


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