Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Comedy and Tragedy

This song was created for Game of Bands round 68 : "Comedy & Tragedy"


Comedy and Tragedy

We all know
The words of wisdom
Sages say ?all things must pass?
But that comfort?s
Not convincing
When you?ve landed on your ass

First you fall
Then hear the laughter
One man?s joy?s another?s pain
Hard to see the
Silver lining
Staring through the pouring rain

Joy and sorrow
Wine and water
It all ends up down the drain

Comedy, tragedy, change will always come
Comedy, tragedy, that?s the rule of thumb
Comedy, tragedy, hopes turn into fears
Comedy, tragedy, laughter turns to tears

Always have that funny feeling
Something?s out of joint
Good times pass so quickly by me,
Tell me, what?s the point?

Hoping for a ray of sunshine
Trying hard to wait it out
Man was born to give his neighbors
Something odd to laugh about

Comedy, tragedy, anxious all the time
Comedy, tragedy, don?t step on a mine
Comedy, tragedy, everyone must die
Comedy, tragedy, dodge that custard pie


I was up there but I don?t remember when
Now I?m down here trying to get back again
I can?t tell you
Where we?re going
Can you tell me?

I was crying but they thought it all a joke
Now I?m laughing, all about another bloke
I can?t tell you
Why we bother
Can you tell me?


Comedy, tragedy, just don?t cry out loud
Comedy, tragedy, clowning for the crowd
Comedy, tragedy, we can make it through
Comedy, tragedy, together me and you


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